Tell a better story

Don't lecture your friends with a dry Gospel presentation. Tell them how the penny dropped for you. You’ve been given the chance to tell someone the Gospel! Which means what exactly? You and many other Christians have grown up with six point plans and tricky diagrams that feel more like lectures than conversations. How do we begin telling people the greatest story ever told? City Bible Forum evangelist and author Sam Chan says it begins by answering the most asked question: how did you become a Christian?

Evangelism In A Skeptical World is a six-part super-podcast for the Eternity Podcast Network based on the book of the same name. Click here to purchase a copy of Evangelism In A Skeptical World, by Sam Chan.
Evangelism In A Skeptical World is a super-podcast produced for the Eternity Podcast Network, an audio collection showcasing the seriously good news of faith today. © Eternity News